Leomatic System 5 P59

P59 Digital I/O:

16 IN + 16 OUT digital optoisolated
Remote module for DIN rail

Leomatic P59 modules are extremely versatile digital I/O units.
They have 16 opto-isolated inputs and 16 opto-isolated outputs. These modules are used in all applications based on SYSTEM5 electronics with remote I/O function managed by the PLC logic of a CPU. In addition, or alternatively, they can be connected via RS-232 serial to a host PC or an Operator Panel and controlled directly by application software.
This makes them particularly suitable to solve simple automation problems even using a desktop PC to realize the control logic.
Using a P59-USB module, you can take advantage of the PC's USB connection to manage a network of P59 modules.
The connection between several P59 and/or towards other SYSTEM5 modules is realized through CANBus and proprietary protocol Leomatic protocol, which allows you to reach communication speeds of up to 1 Mb/s and to cover long distances.

A maximum of 16 P59 modules can coexist on a CANBus network.

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System5 P59

Digital I/O

product information

  • Functioning as remote I/O for SYSTEM5 based applications. The I/O status management is entrusted to the control logic of a CPU (for example the PLC of a P51S / P51 module).
  • Stand-alone operation as digital I/Os controllable directly from PC. The status of the inputs and outputs can be easily managed by the application software thanks to an ActiveX component supplied free of charge.
  • Expandable I/O up to 256 inputs + 256 outputs by connecting multiple P59 modules on a CANBus network.
  • Possibility to implement a PLC logic on each single module (only with future firmware versions).
  • Self-diagnostic features implemented in the on-board firmware.
  • Transparent bi-directional conversion between the RS-232 port and the CANBus port.


  • 40 MHz ATMEL microprocessor.
  • 16 opto-isolated digital inputs.
  • 16 opto-isolated digital outputs.
  • Output stages protected against short-circuits, over-temperature, inversion of external supply voltage.
  • A multi-standard RS232 serial port and proprietary CANBus, for connection to a host PC, Operator Panel or other SYSTEM5 modules.
  • Hardware bi-directional RS232-CANBus converter.


  • Power supply at +24 Vdc nominal (min. +15 Vdc, max. +30 Vdc).
  • Consumption: 20 mA on +24 Vdc.
  • Galvanically separated field power supply (+24 Vdc nominal).
  • Digital inputs: PnP, +24 Vdc nominal.
  • Digital outputs: PnP, +24 Vdc nominal( 500 mAfan-out on each output).


  • Module for quick mounting on DIN rail.
  • Small size: 101 × 120 × 17.5 mm.
  • Inspectionable front panel for easy access to configuration dip-switches.
  • Disconnectable terminal blocks with screw connection for power supply, communication and I/O ports.
  • 3 signalling leds on the front panel to monitor device status and communication activities.
  • 16 green leds + 16 red leds show the current status of the inputs and outputs.