Vision Systems

Leomatic designs and manufactures complete vision systems for time-critical industrial applications where performance is crucial.

Our solutions, also in the field of machine vision, are based on the balanced distribution of intelligence because we are convinced that a distributed architecture allows us to offer our customers the best price/performance ratio. This choice results in solutions that are particularly flexible and performing, regardless of the complexity of the application.

A vision system Leomatic in its essentiality consists of a set of interconnected intelligent devices in which our Smart Camera plays a decisive role.

machine vision systems

Leomatic Smart Camera

For over 20 years we have been developing and manufacturing acquisition devices based on optical linear sensors, particularly suitable for web inspection.
Our Smart Cameras are used in various industrial sectors where real-time analysis of the product and its characteristics is required.
The choice of the optical sensor, in terms of sensitivity, resolution and spectrum is determined by taking into account the specific needs of the customer's application.


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