It is a modular control system for automation applications.
It integrates the functionalities of a computerized numerical control (CNC) and those of a programmable logic controller (PLC).

It is reliable, real-time field hardware that is autonomous of the operator interface.

The free software provided allows complete control from a PC or Operator Panel.


All modules are designed for DIN rail mounting and guarantee a minimum footprint (101 x 120 x 17.5 mm or 101 x 120 x 22.5 mm).
The internal activity of each module is effectively displayed through special leds on the transparent front panel.
The modules are easily configurable through dip switches accessible from the front panel.
Wiring is facilitated by the adoption of sectionable terminal blocks with spring or screw coupling.


Depending on the needs of the specific application, the individual modules can be interconnected according to multiple architectures, even completely distributed.
Each device of the family hosts several independent communication ports:

  • one port for high-speed parallel bus connection
  • one or two serial ports (RS232/422/485/CANBus) for point-to-point or network connections to other SYSTEM 5 devices or modules

All SYSTEM 5 modules can be interfaced to control systems based on PC-104 Bus.

System5 Leomatic

  • Leomatic SYSTEM 5 P50_PC104

System5 P50 104

P50-PC104: Bridge / front-end bus PC104 The LEOMATIC P50-104 card allows you to interface all the PC104 bus

  • Leomatic System5 P59 USB

System5 P59 USB

P59 USB: USB-CANBus converter 8 IN + 8 OUT digital optional DIN rail module

  • Leomatic System 5 P59

System5 P59

P59 Digital I/O: 16 IN + 16 OUT digital optoisolated Remote DIN rail module

  • Leomatic System5 P57

System5 P57S

System5 P57S: 8 IN + 4 OUT high performance analogue DIN rail remote module

  • Leomatic System5 P58

System5 P58S

System5 P58S: Motion control up to 4 motors of Servo and/or Stepper type Up to 6 IN and/or 4 OUT

  • Leomatic System5 P53

System5 P53S

System5 P53S: Control of 2 Stepper motors 12 IN + 4 OUT digital fast DIN rail remote module

  • Leomatic System 5 P51S

System5 P51S

System5 P51S CPU enhanced Leomatic System5 DIN Rail Module The module