P49: Fast digital I/O

Expansion module
16IN+8OUT digital opto-isolated "fast" inputs and outputs
ISA bus

  • Expansion module, applicable to all pre-set boards (e.g. P48), allowing 16 inputs + 8 opto-isolated digital outputs to be added.
  • These I/Os are "fast" because they are handled directly by the host board's microprocessor.
  • The opto-isolation of the signals allows galvanic isolation from the "field", thus ensuring maximum protection against interference and accidental failure.
  • The solid-state components used for the output stages provide protection against short-circuits, over-temperatures due to excessive dissipation and reversed polarity of the external supply voltage.
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P49: "Fast" digital I/Os

ISA BUS boards (standard or industrial PC)

product information

  • 16 PNP opto-isolated digital inputs (24 Vdc nominal).
    8 PNP opto-isolated digital outputs (24 Vdc nominal).
  • 1 pin shared programmable input/output.
  • Each output can supply (current source) a maximum current of 500 mA.
  • Consumption:
    • 20 mA on + 5 Vdc (from card P48);
    • xx A on +24 Vdc (field power supply);
  • Input absorption: 12 mA at 24 Vdc.
  • Field alim.range: 15..30 Vdc.
  • Format 100 x 120 mm.
  • Front panel, standard PC slot:
    • 1 x 34-pole male connector;
    • (for flat connection to P48 card);
    • 1 D-SUB 25-pin male connector (for connection to physical I/O and field power supply).
The EXPANSION module is automatically recognised by the management library of the board on which it is mounted.