Leomatic SYSTEM 5-P50_PC104


Bridge / front-end
PC104 bus

The LEOMATIC P50-104 board allows all modules of the SYSTEM5 family to be interfaced to PC104 systems.
It is connected to the PC104 bus on one side and to the LEOMATIC SYSTEM5 devices on the other side via CANBus networks. In this way it is possible to deploy SYSTEM5 modules over long distances, while keeping only the P50-104 on the control system bus.
The 400 MHz DSP microprocessor guarantees adequate performance in terms of communication speed.
The libraries supplied allow you to manage all the SYSTEM5 functions directly from the application software on the PC104 system CPU. The on-board firmware, resident on flash memory, can be updated on-board using a special tool.
It should be noted that the open architecture of the firmware allows specific functions to be created on customer request.

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System5 P50 104

Bridge / Front-End


  • The firmware resident on the board allows access to the modules SYSTEM5 in two modes:
    • Forwarding: the card acts as a bridge transparent between the PC104 bus and the SYSTEM5 modules connected on the CANBus network. The application software of the PC104 CPU can dialogue directly with each of them via the bridge.
    • Front-End: the SYSTEM5 modules connected downstream of the board are continuously interrogated in order to maintain an updated image of all the digital and analogue I/O. The application software of the PC104 CPU can therefore access the I/Os by communicating only with the P50-104 board, with a considerable increase in performance.
  • Service functionality on dedicated CAN port for firmware update, test and diagnostic operations of the board itself and of all SYSTEM5 modules connected through a special tool provided.
  • In case of failures or malfunctions a special boot firmware residing on flash memory (with reduced functionality and management of a Leomatic security protocol) always allows to start in recovery mode to download the application firmware from PC.


  • 400 MHz DSP microprocessor + FPGA.
  • Bus compliant with PC 104 standard.
  • Three CANBus ports with proprietary protocol:
    • a 375 kb/s port to network up to 16 modules of the Leomatic SYSTEM5;
    • a 1 Mb/s port to connect up to 16 P59 modules (digital I/O) of the Leomatic SYSTEM5 to the network;
    • a 375 kb/s port for service operations.


  • Power supply: +5 Vdc (taken from the PC104 bus).
  • Consumption: 200 mA on +5 Vdc.


  • Card in standard PC104 format.
  • Disconnectable terminal blocks with spring-loaded quick connect for communication ports.
  • 5 signalling leds to monitor device status and communication activities.
  • P51S
  • P51 CPU
  • P53S: motion control for Stepper motors
  • P58S: motion control for Servo (DC, Brushless, Inverter) and/or Stepper motors
  • P57S: Analog I/O
  • P59: Digital I/O
  • P59-USB: USB-to-CANBus Converter [+ Digital I/Os]

In connection with the product sheet just described, the following documentation is available: