Leomatic System5 P57

System5 P57S:

8 IN + 4 OUT analog high performance
Remote module for DIN rail

The LEOMATIC P57S module is a high performance analog I/O device. It has eight analog inputs (individually settable on various voltage or current ranges ) and four analog voltage outputs.

It is based on a 400 MHz DSP microprocessor that allows high speed signal acquisition and processing. The on-board firmware manages programmable digital filters for each input. Moreover the outputs can be controlled in feedback through a PID and Feed-Forward algorithm.

The connectivity with other modules of the SYSTEM5 family is ensured by the presence of an interface for high-speed parallel bus and two CANBus serial ports (proprietary) for remote connections. A maximum of 16 P57S modules can coexist (for a total of 128 inputs and 64 outputs) both using the parallel bus in concentrated architectures and on a CANBus network in distributed architectures.

The application firmware can be customized on request.

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System5 P57S

Analog I/O

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  • Input signal resolution on 16 bit.
  • Output signal resolution on 16 bit.
  • Programmable digital filters for each of the inputs.
  • Possibility to control the analogue outputs in feedback through PID algorithm and Feed-Forward parameterizable.
  • Advanced tracing capabilities with on-board storage allow you to synchronously monitor a settable set of internal variables.
  • Self-diagnostic features implemented in the on-board firmware.
  • Firmware resident on flash memory upgradeable from PC.
  • In case of failures or malfunctions a special boot firmware resident on flash memory (with reduced functionality and management of a security protocol) always allows to start in recovery mode to download the application firmware from PC. Leomatic) always allows to start in recovery mode to download the application firmware from PC.
  • Configuration and tuning operations can be carried out using the special software tool supplied free of charge.


  • 400 MHz DSP microprocessor + FPGA.
  • 8 analogue inputs individually settable in voltage or in current (± 20 mA) through dedicated dip-switches.
  • Range voltage programmable via software for each individual input:
    • 0..10 Vdc
    • ± 10 Vdc
    • ± 2.5 Vdc
  • 4 analogue outputs in voltage ± 10 Vdc.
  • Sampling time: up to 10 µs for the acquisition of all eight channels.
  • Connectivity on two CANBus serial ports (proprietary) for connection to host PC, Operator Panel or other remote modules.
  • Connectivity on parallel bus for fast local connection to P51S / P51 CPU and/or to other SYSTEM5 modules equipped with the same interface(P53S, P58S).


  • Single power supply at +24 Vdc nominal (min. +15 Vdc, max. +30 Vdc).
  • Consumption: 75 mA on +24 Vdc.


  • Module for quick mounting on DIN rail.
  • Small size: 101 × 120 × 22.5 mm.
  • Inspectionable front panel for easy access to configuration dip-switches.
  • 4 signalling leds on the front panel to monitor device status and communication activities.
  • Sectional terminal blocks with spring-loaded connection for communication and field ports (motors, encoders, I/O); with screw connection for power supply.
In connection with the product sheet just described, the following documentation is available: