Leomatic Systems PNC P37

P37: Analog I/O

8 inputs + 4 analogue outputs
IPC bus

  • Management of 8 analogue inputs + 4 analogue outputs.
  • Both voltage and current input signals, individually adjustable over different ranges.
  • Use of a DSP microprocessor for high acquisition speed and "intelligent" processing on board.
  • Digital filter, SW programmable, for acquisition of each input.
  • PID algorithm, configurable from SW, to control the 4 analogue outputs as a function of one input.
  • Presence of an expansion connector for installation of the additional P39 fast digital I/O module.
  • Ability to receive and run customised firmware.

Leomantic provides the P37 boards with a software library that allows you to manage all their potential and create the interface for applications. The accompanying software also includes some "demo" source files, which illustrate the use of the library in various programming languages.

Leomantic is available to produce customised versions of the acquisition and processing firmware.

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P37: Analog I/O

8 inputs + 4 analogue outputs

product information

  • Management of 8 analogue inputs, individually selectable via jumpers as a voltage signal with range:
    • ± 10 Volts
    • ± 2.5 Volts
    • ± 5 Volts (on request)
    • ± 1.25 Volts (on request)
  • or as a current signal with range: ± 20 mA
  • Management of 4 analogue outputs with range: ± 10 Volts
  • 12-bit A/D and D/A converters.
  • Use of 40 MHz DSP microprocessor.
  • Conversion time: 10 µs per channel.
  • Possibility of generating an interrupt to the CPU, selectable via jumpers between 2 different IRQs.
  • Coexistence of 16 P37 boards (addressable via jumpers), for a total of 128 simultaneous analogue inputs + 64 outputs.
  • EUROCARD format 100 x 160 mm.
  • Front Panel: 4 TE.
  • 1 DIN 96-pole male connector.
  • 1 x 15-pin D-SUB male connector (for connection to analogue inputs).
  • 1 x 15-pin D-SUB female connector (for connection to analogue outputs).


  • 150 mA on + 5 Vdc
  • 20 mA on +12 Vdc
  • 10 mA at -12 Vdc
  • Programming of the SW digital filter value (expressed in milliseconds) that can be differentiated for each input.
  • Complete PID configuration: Kp, Kd, Ki, Kff terms, and more.
  • It can receive, via the P41 CPU, customised firmware for special tests or cycles.