Leomatic P59 USB System5 Card

P59 USB:

USB-CANBus converter
8 IN + 8 OUT digital optional
DIN rail module

The Leomatic P59-USB module is a USB-CANBus converter that allows you to connect all SYSTEM5 family modules directly to a USB port on a PC or Operator Panel.

One side connects to the USB port of the PC while the other connects to the SYSTEM5 devices via the proprietary CANBus network using a simple twisted pair. In this way it is possible to deploy the SYSTEM5 modules even at great distances, keeping only the P59-USB module in the vicinity of the host PC. It allows you to take full advantage of the speed of the USB connection overcoming the known limits of distance.

Vene product also in the version with integrated digital I/O (8 inputs and 8 outputs) that can be managed directly by application software on PC. This special equipment makes it particularly suitable to solve simple automation problems using a desktop PC to realize the control logic.

The availability of digital I/Os can be further extended by connecting in a CANBus network the Leomatic P59.

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System5 P59 USB

USB-CAN converter [+ digital I/O].

product information

  • Transparent bi-directional conversion between USB and CANBus port.
  • A specific device-driver makes the module visible as a standard serial port on the PC.
  • Can be used in Windows 98, 2000, XP, Vista.
  • In the version with digital I/O, the status of the inputs and outputs can be easily controlled by PC using an ActiveX component supplied free of charge.
  • Possibility to implement a PLC logic on each single module (only with future firmware versions).
  • Self-diagnostic features implemented in the on-board firmware.


  • 40 MHz ATMEL microprocessor.
  • Digital I/O (optional):
    • 8 opto-isolated inputs.
    • 8 opto-isolated outputs.
    • Output stages protected against short-circuits, over-temperature, inversion of external supply voltage.


  • Power supply: taken from the PC USB port.
  • Digital I/O (optional):
    • Galvanically separated field power supply (+24 Vdc nominal).
    • Opto-isolated inputs, PnP, +24 Vdc nominal.
    • Opto-isolated outputs, PnP, +24Vdc nominal( 500 mAfan-out on each output).


  • Module for quick mounting on DIN rail.
  • Small size: 101 × 120 × 17.5 mm.
  • Inspectionable front panel for easy access to configuration dip-switches.
  • Three signalling leds on the front panel to monitor device status and communication activities.
  • One mini-USB port.
  • One CANBus port on sectionable terminal block.
  • Digital I/O (optional):
    • Disconnectable terminal blocks with screw connection for quick wiring.
    • 8 green leds + 8 red leds to display the current status of the inputs and outputs.

In connection with the product sheet just described, the following documentation is available: