P29-operator panel

Operator panel with keyboard and display

  • Operator panel with 36-key keypad and 4-line FIP / LCD display with 20 characters.
  • Available in local (+5 Vdc power supply) or remote (+24 Vdc power supply) versions.
  • Can be connected in RS232 serial to a Leomatic Rack PNC system (the local version can even be integrated as the front of the rack itself).
  • It can be connected in serial RS485, for remote or network installations; this feature allows it to be used as an on-board machine terminal.

Hardware Features

  • High-brightness 4 x 20 FIP display or 4 x 20 LCD display, backlit.
  • Numeric and functional keypad 36 keys, of which:
    • 4 function keys to navigate the various menus;
    • 8 configurable and illuminable keys for dedicated functions.

Software Functions

  • Menu structure, menu pages and message strings can be programmed with a service PC using the PncTool software utility.
  • Operator interface: directly connectable/insertable in a PNC Rack; it is managed by the Leomatic P41 CPU.
  • Terminal: receiving characters and transmitting codes of pressed keys via RS232 or RS485 serial port.

Electrical Characteristics

Supply voltage:

    • 5 Vdc (local version);
    • 24-30 Vdc (remote version);

Physical Characteristics

Front Panel: 3 HE 42 TE