P20: Fast counters

4/8 multimode fast counters
16 in + 16 out digital optoisolated
IPC bus

  • Management of 16 optoisolated digital inputs + 16 outputs, usable as general purpose I/O and as fast counting channels (2 inputs in pair).
  • Management of 8 fast counting channels: each single channel can be configured by SW according to one of the following 3 modes:
    • Incremental Encoder Counting (PHA, PHB);
    • UP/DOWN count (PULSE, DIR);
    • UP count (PULSE, ENAB).
  • Use of a DSP microprocessor to allow high acquisition rates.
  • Acquisition and counting parameters modifiable by software.
  • Up to eight P20 cards can be installed simultaneously, for a total of 64 fast counters.
  • Possibility of customized Firmware.

Leomatic supplies the P20 boards with a Software Library that allows to manage all their potentialities and to realize the interface for the applications. The supplied software also includes some "demo" source files that illustrate the use of the library in various programming languages.

Leomatic is available to realize customized versions of the fast counting and I/O management Firmware.

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P20: Fast counters


product information

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  • Use of a 10 Mhz DSP microprocessor.
  • Possibility to generate an interrupt towards the CPU, selectable through jumpers among 3 different IRQs.
  • Possibility to generate a periodic interrupt (with period from 20 ms ... 1.3 s) selectable through jumpers among 3 different IRQs.
  • Simultaneous management of 8 fast counters:
    • Freq.max reading Encoder Increm. = 60 KHz (15×4)
    • Freq.max counts UP, UP/DOWN = 30 KHz
  • Acquisition of incremental optical encoders (12...30 Vdc).
  • Position range: ± 231 counts (32 bits).
  • Management of 16 opto-isolated PNP digital inputs (12..30 Vdc).
  • Management of 16 opto-isolated PNP digital outputs (12...30 Vdc); each output can supply up to 400 mA (current source).
  • Coexistence of 8 P20 cards (addressable by jumpers), for a total of 64 simultaneous fast counters.
  • EUROCARD format 100 x 160 mm.
  • Front Panel: 4 TE.
  • 1 DIN 96-pole male connector.
  • 1 D-SUB 37-pole female connector.
    (for connection to analogue inputs).
  • Consumption:
    • 650 mA on + 5 Vdc (from IPC Bus).
    • 30 mA on +12 Vdc (from IPC Bus).
    • 10 mA on -12 Vdc (from IPC Bus).
    • xx A on +24 Vdc (field power supply).
  • Input absorption: 12 mA at 24 Vdc.
  • Field alim.range: 15..30 Vdc.
  • Programming of the functioning mode of each single fast counting channel.
  • Tsample programming (from 20 µs to 2 ms).
  • Preset and/or read the values of each counter.
  • Programming of the type of each input signal (Normal Open or Normal Closed).
  • Internal board diagnostics (alarm detection).
  • Programming and management of ACTIONS associated with EVENTS (reaction times: 50 µs...2 ms) (see tables below)
  • Management of electric cams through the execution of actions on the front of programmable EVENTS.
  • Coincidence of a counter with a programmed value.
  • Positive or negative edge of an input signal.
  • Set/Clear an output signal (electric cam).
  • Sends an Interrupt to the supervisory CPU.
  • Start/Stop of a counter.