P.N.C. Systems

It is a complete, modular automation system based on Eurocard format cards to be housed in a dedicated rack (Rack PNC).

The field side is controlled autonomously and in real time by the system configured in the rack.
On the operator side, all programming, data storage and monitoring operations are delegated to an Industrial PC (but also desktop or laptop) or an Operator Panel.

The PNC System can be further expanded by using the I/O modules of the SYSTEM 5 family, enabling automation architectures that are also partially distributed on board the machine.


Rack solutions for IPC buses

  • Leomatic Systems PNC P38

P39: Exp. Digital I/O

P39: exp. Digital I/O Expansion module 16 IN + 8 OUT digital "fast" optoisolated IPC bus Expansion module, applicable to all boards

  • Leomatic Systems PNC P38

P38: Motion control

P38: motion control Motion control for 2 axes Servo and/or Stepper IPC Bus Precision control for MOTORS of type: BRUSHLESS, DC, AC (Inverter), Stepper

  • Leomatic Systems PNC P37

P37: Analog I/O

P37: Analogue I/O 8 analogue inputs + 4 analogue outputs IPC bus Management of 8 analogue inputs + 4 analogue outputs. Input signals in both

  • Leomatic Systems PNC P9

P09: Digital I/O

P09: Digital I/O 16 IN + 16 OUT digital opto-isolated IPC bus 16 digital inputs + 16 digital outputs, can be inserted in a slot of a system

  • Leomatic Systems PNC P41

P41: Am186CU CPU

P41: Am186CU CPU Embedded communication peripherals IPC bus Embedded CPU, based on AMD Am186CU microprocessor, RAM, FLASH memory, two serial ports for connection with